Dr Fuhua (Oscar) Lin


School of Computing and Information Systems, Athabasca University, Canada

Invited researcher, Waseda University, Japan

Email: oscarl@athabascau.ca

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1. My newly-funded NSERC Discovery Grant

This research program (2021-2025) entitled "Eliciting Adaptive Sequences for Online Learning" aims to develop and test a series of reinforcement learning algorithms to enable online learning systems to optimize and personalize knowledge components (KCs) sequences, learning activities (pedagogical) plans, and assessment questions according to students' responses and performance in online learning systems to reduce the time-to-completion and increase learning gains. If you are interested in the research and becoming a (full-time or part-time) research assistant, please email me at oscarl@athabascau.ca .

2. Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning (ISML) Research Cluster

I am coordinating a newly-established a research cluster --- Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning (ISML) Research Cluster . The goal of the ISML is to provide collaborative and supportive research environment for students and professors who are interested in this theme.

3. International Workshop on Adaptive Cyber Learning

I am co-organizing the third Internation Workshop on Adaptive Cyber Learning (ACL 2022) co-located with IEEE Cyber Science and Technology Congress 2022 . You are welcome to submit papers and/or attend the workshop.